Messages From Dignitaries


To one and all, it gives me tremendous pleasure to share with you all that Defence Academy has been providing quality education and training for the last 7 years. It is a vibrant centre of learning where young and bright minds are taught and mentored not just in academics but also in other aspects of life. I believe that cadets learn the best under an atmosphere which is open & strict yet caring and conducive. My message to all the young and enthusiastic cadets is that in order to clear any exam, determination, focused time-schedule and an open minded approach of seeking the knowledge is must.
At Defence Academy our principal aim is to fulfil the commitment of high quality education with a mission to serve the society. We organise periodical counsellings, Parents-teachers meetings because collaboration between the cadets, parents and management can together build communities, strengthen educational opportunities and develop strong value systems.
Truly Yours

R.P. Singh

Ex- Assistant Commandant
Indian Coast Guard
(Ministry of Defence)

Respected Readers,
It is Pertinent to mention here that the Dreams are no where bigger than the Resolution to attain them Subject to it belong as strong as rock. The will power assists the individual to run towards his goal consistently. So the net result which can be derived out here is that mere choosing goals will not do well to the person unless he stands strong and works persistently for it. Always Remember “Hard work is the key to success”. Defence Academy in these last 7 years has given a century of officer grade & numerous basic level results which in itself is remarkable.
Wishing you Success.

Dr. Paramjeet Singh

Chairman & HOD (All Subjects)

Dear Cadet/ Parents,
Young students during or after school aspire for various fields to build their career but many forget or they don’t know that one has to burn midnight oil in order to crack the chosen examination. That is ‘only hard work will lead students to success’, this is what one needs to understand. Also “ Self Study has no Substitute” has to be the principle of all those who wish, will and desire to achieve destination. Academy is equipped with knowledgeable and qualified teachers and is totally dedicated to help students in all possible manners. Practice, reading and strategical studies are the MANTRAS OF SUCCESS. Here in academy, apart from getting the right knowledge to crack the desired exam, one gets all round development which proves to be a boon for the cadet’s future.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants of Defence Forces that they reach at the summit at the earliest.

Inderjeet Singh


We at Defence Academy try our best to make our institute a vibrant centre of learning and that is why we have been able to bring the best out of our cadets. All the staff and faculties at Defence Academy work their level best to impart knowledge and skills to each learner. To be successful, you have to make a lot of conscious efforts and allow yourself to succeed. We inculcate the same in our cadets during their training and make them practice a positive frame of mind so that they will not stumble in front of any challenge that life throws at them.
Warm Regards,

Mr. Naveen Tiwari

Centre Head & Sr. Faculty of Maths