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75 + Result in SSG + RMS || 50 + Result in NDA + CDS ||                                                                                                                                                          75 + Result in SSG + RMS || 50 + Result in NDA + CDS

Who We Are

About Defence Academy

The Defence Academy has been in its operational mode since July 01, 2013. It is run by R.P Singh, Ex. Assistant Commandant, who is the driving force for the Cadets preparing for NDA, CDS ssb and other Armed Force Examinations.
Various Students form whole Kumaon Region do come to The Defence Academy (सैन्य अकादमी ) for learning, grooming and nourishment of their personality which is required for written examination, SSB Interview & their life in fact…..

"Victory with determination"
'First step towards victory is discipline.'
The academy excells in inculcating it into bright minds.
'Uniform symbolises discipline.'
The academy ensures proper channelization of efforts and hard work to achieve the uniform.
Defence academy has the best efficacy, the power to produce the desired result.
1.We train and prepare young minds to get into prestigious Sainik Schools.
2.The academy offers excellent academics preparations for entrance examinations to get into Indian Armed forces.
3. SSB interview is a comprehensive evaluation of personality of individuals aspiring to get into forces. Here, at Defence Academy, you get the chance to be guided by Ex-Defence force officer directly for SSB.

The Academy is run and administered completely by Ex-Assistant Commandant R.P.Singh.
We have been producing results and students from the academy are now in prestigious Indian Military Academy(IMA), Air force Academy(AFA, and Indian Naval Academy(INA).
Defence academy extends its arms and welcomes you to begin your career in Indian defence forces with us.

  • R. P. SINGH

    Ex- Asst. Commandant
    Indian Coast Guard
    Ministry Of Defence